Restaurants: 1 Deli Liquor: No Rooms: 60 Price Range: $109-$159Restaurants: 2Buffets: B-$9.99 (Saturday/Sunday) L-$11.50 D-$13.00/$24.00 (Friday/Saturday)Games Offered: Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Poker Overnight RV Parking: No Special Features: No dinner buffet on Mondays. If you have a preference of non-smoking rooms you are in luck. The rooms were almost completely booked-up for the night and for a Wed. The room we got was at the end of the hall so at least we didn't have to hear anyone else coming up to their rooms late. We had a king size bed that I have to say was as clean and comfortable as the top Vegas rooms. The ice machine was down on the first floor but you can get free drinks down in the casino, self serve, so we never needed the ice. The morning we were to leave we ate at the River Bar & Grill. They could try making their own hash browns, but other than that I thought it was a great deal.

There was VERY limited choice of where to stay so we picked Choctaw Casino & Resort. Check-in was easy, but I will say the smoking rooms are really limited. Most hotels don't have them and I can't sleep without one. Go get you free players club card BEFORE you go because you save $3.50 per players card. Super rude comments from this girl and I would never employ someone who would say anything like that. But I did find a few slot machines that kept me up past 1 am so I was very happy with that.

We had a view of the pool in the back so I can't really complain.

Not like we were there for a vacation so didn't really matter to us.

It was in May so it was nice to have the cool a/c when we came back up to the room. I will suggest, like I do with all hotels, bring a box fan if you like to sleep with some background noise. The small salad bar was nice and the flank steak they had was very tender. But I wouldn't go back to it only because the selections were extremely limited. The girl at the register kept remarking how big the pregnant lady was and amazed she wasn't due right then. We don't play the games with "bingo" cards on them. If I were in town again I would for sure stay here, just not eat at the Firehouse Grill & Buffet. When there are no other choices in town that really isn't a bad price :)Those who are complaining of not winning on slots.

The waitress was nice but seemed bothered to have to serve us. There was a woman in front of us with her family and was pregnant. on the contrary i've seen people lose 300 in about 30 minutes.

Now, there was another girl that was at the register and was super rude. You'll stay there for hours and probably win 100-600 dollars, seen it happen. I hope some day Texas will pass a bill to allow gambling because this is sad.